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    Top 7 Must-Have Car Accessories In 2022

    must have car accessories

    The car accessories market has been flooded with new products in recent years, and when you combine this with the latest high-tech gadgets, it can be difficult to know when something is worth buying. While there are many different types of add-ons available, this article will focus on seven car accessories that every driver should consider purchasing at some point.


    1. Solar Powered Car Air Ventilation Fan.

    This solar-powered fan attaches to your car's air vent via a clip or by being stuck onto the glass. The fan will then circulate fresh air in the vehicle, giving you clean, cool air to breathe when you are driving. These can be very helpful in reducing the amount of condensation that builds upon the windows, which reduces visibility. The fans are also great for defogging mirrors.

    car fan

    2. Fast Wireless Car Charger Samsung

    This is a must-have for anyone who uses their phone while driving or for anyone who does not want to get tangled up in wires. It works by plugging the charger into your cigarette lighter socket and then connecting it with any Qi-enabled device via built-in magnets, so you can charge your phone easily without wires.

    Fast Wireless Car Charger Samsung can be purchased in a variety of different designs, and some even have additional features such as an LCD display.

    wireless car charger

    3. Cell Phone Holder for Car Vent

    This simple but useful gadget has saved many drivers from reaching for their phone or tablet when they want to use Google Maps. Instead, you can clip the mount to your air vent and rotate it as required so that you can view your device's display. This is a great way to make sure that the screen remains visible while the car is in motion.

    magnetic cell phone holder for car

    4. Car Ceiling Storage Net

    This is a great way to make sure that your car remains clutter-free. It can be attached to the roof of your car and then used as a storage net. Items such as shopping bags, purses, and gym equipment can be held safely in place, which makes them much easier to carry into your home. It is also a great way to hold shopping bags in place while you drive. However, you do have to make sure that the bag is suitable for use with a roof net; otherwise, it may weigh too much and pull itself out of the mount.

    Car Ceiling Storage Net

    5. Car Trash Can

    This is a very useful car accessory, especially for anyone who has kids. A trash can provides the perfect place to store wrappers and other items that would otherwise end up on the floor of your vehicle. This prevents litter from being strewn over the back seat or sticking under seats, which can make cleaning up after journeys extremely difficult. You can purchase a can that attaches to your door, which is more easily accessible.

    car trash cans

    6. Car Humidifier

    This product allows you to purify and humidify the air in your vehicle, which helps to reduce the risk of dry throats and stuffy noses. It is also beneficial for anyone who suffers from allergies or sinus problems. The unit has a diffuser that releases aromatic scents, so it doubles as an air freshener too. It has a water tank that can be refilled as required and optional night light.

    humidifier for car

    7. Car DVR Dash Cam

    Car Dashcam is the perfect security accessory for any vehicle. It has an in-built video camera that can record footage both inside and outside your car. If someone hits your vehicle or if you witness an accident, you have evidence to back up your claims with insurance companies. Dashcams are also beneficial for collecting statistics for safe driving, which could help you to get a discount on your policy.

    dash cam car dvr


    All of these products are very useful, but some are more essential than others. The most important one is the car's wireless fast charger, as it makes life easier for multiple people in your household. The air vent mount clip holder stand is very useful if you regularly use your phone or tablet while driving. On the other hand, the trash can and car humidifier are great ideas which would be more beneficial to families with young children.