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    Car Digital Clock

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    Car Digital Clock

    Bullet Points:
    1.   Solar Powered Design: The car clock features a rechargeable battery whose power supply is the solar-powered mode, and it features the high-quality solar panel + high-temperature resistant lithium battery power supply, which can be pasted and fixed without wiring.
    2.   Practical in Use: The car clock features the vibration sensor for automatic switch on and off, and the clock automatically detects the vibration state of the car, and it turns on automatically.
    3.   Heat Resistant Shell: The shell of the car clock is made of high-temperature resistant material, which makes the clock suitable for the internal environment of the car, without worrying about summer exposure.
    4.   Brightness Adjustment: The car clock features the high temperature LED digital tube display, daytime and nighttime are clearly visible, with automatic brightness adjustment, soft at night, bright in the sun.

    5.   Shading Hood Design: The design of the hood can effectively reduce the interference of strong light during the day, at night, the car clock can prevent the LED light from being projected on the front windshield, which does not affect the driving.

    Solar charging power supply, free wiring, easy installation!
    Illuminated front display, clearly visible during the day and night. Wide viewing angle, no blurring at a specific angle like LCD display. 3-level brightness automatic adjustment function, automatically switching according to the intensity of the external light, clearly visible under strong light, and soft light in the dark.
    Built-in 500 mAh large-capacity lithium battery, high-temperature resistance to meet the high-temperature environment of the car's center console. A larger-capacity battery improves battery life when there is no sunlight.
    For general family car use, the car is often parked outdoors and often travels during the day. Solar energy is basically self-sufficient and does not require additional charging.
    With the battery power monitoring function, when the battery power is low, a "-Lo-" low battery reminder will appear once every minute until it is forced to shut down to avoid draining the battery power and affecting battery life. After its shutdown, charge the clock by exposing it to the sun or use the micro USB cable to charge it, press the button again to start it.
    When rainy days and others strike, the solar energy supplement is insufficient, you can use a micro USB Android mobile phone charger to power the clock.

    Shell material: automotive-grade high temperature resistant ABS material
    Size: maximum part length, width and height (10.6cm * 7.3cm * 2.3cm/4.17*2.87*0.91in)

    Notes of temperature measurement:
    The temperature probe is behind the clock, and the measured temperature is the temperature of the hot working environment.
    (The temperature of the center console will generally be much higher than the average temperature in the car)

    Packing List:
    Auto Digital Clock * 1
    Charging Cable * 1
    Manual * 1
    Car Digital Clock

    Car Digital Clock

    Car Digital Clock

    Car Digital Clock



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